pic: 1319 at Boilermaker Friday Morning

This happened friday morning. I felt so bad for them, because I was scouting them at the time. I wanted to go down to their pits and see if we could help them fix the robot. I didn't and I feel bad for not doing it.

Hey, it worked out alright for them in the end, didn’t it?

I can’t wait to see 1319 again. They were good at Florida, so who knows what they’ll do come Palmetto! :eek:

I remember sitting there at UCF(Florida) with my cousin saying “it looks like their hopper is gonna fall off” I guess it was gonna happen sooner or later.

What caused it to fall off?

Running defense is autonomous and hitting the far wall of the ramp. How it actually came off the robot, I don’t know.

Our turret/scoring section is bolted to a ring that rides on four bearings this is turned by belt using a window motor.

On friday morning our team decided to run a defensive autonomous mode to stop a robot from dumping balls into the lower

goal. When the robot was put down it was misaligned just enough to hit the far wall of the ramp. This gave the robot a

large jolt (much more than the robot ever got even in the finals when it blocked two robts in autonomous) and the scoring

section fell off. The team jumped into action without missing a match we fixed the robot by adding four bearings which

made the ring ride on eight and made it much more stable. This was actually in the plans after the UCF regional, but the

team never had time to do it until this opportunity for improvement came up. The robot was then re-inspected and passed.

The fact of this competition is that sometimes robots break. Unfortunately ours did, however we were able to fix it never

missing a match which is very hard for some teams to accomplish.

Our robot NEVER missed a match ALWAYS took the ramp, and NEVER fell over. We as a team are very pleased on how are robot

performed at both the UCF and Boilermaker regionals, we now are looking forward to a great event at the Palmetto


We would like to wish everyone the best of luck during the rest of the season.

i was completely in tears when i saw that…seriously. i just could not believe it. but i’m the one to practically try if any robot just tips over