pic: 1319 Introduces Mellow Yellow

Introducing Flash 1319’s Recycle Rush Robot - Mellow Yellow! #teamtether

Does that teamtether hashtag mean that those are both one robot? Or that theres another piece of the robot out of frame that is tethered to the machine?
Or neither?

To my eye, neither machine there can possibly weigh under 60 lbs. And the presence of 2 d-links makes me think (hope) that one is a practice bot.

Those robots look like they have chutes. Just add a door, and then we’re talking. :] I doubt those two robots are one, first of all, getting them in the right transport config, second, they look like they weigh more than 60 pounds a piece as someone mentioned earlier. Cool design though.

I think they are playing jump rope, thus the tether.

Ah, you’re onto our strategy :wink:

Now they can ally with 148 at Champs and play Double Dutch…