pic: 1323 2009 Bot

Our bot chilling after UC Davis and i think there’s room for a Fan?

Seriously? A fan? You’ve been talking to Sean too much :wink:

Where would it go btw and how much thrust are you looking for? Custom FP gearbox? CIMs? Details man! Details!

Bot looks so sick, very Poofesque with the paint.

I think I see a good spot…

I think adding a shrouded fan would be a great idea. I personally thought that your bot wasn’t too efficient when you guys were heavily defended against in davis. I think the fan would give you a leg up in those pushing matches. ^^

Heh, must’ve been decently efficient if it drew that much defense to it. :wink:

There’s not many robots I can think of that can pull out of a tag team pin to the wall. Its tough. 330 did it before I think.

in all fairness i think that this robot was quite efficient at Davis. While there, we found you guys to be a very good robot…but i have to say this, i’m engaged to your robot!:smiley:

I see you guys have taken some battle damage, but it still looks drop dead pretty (something about that blue frame). :stuck_out_tongue:

Woah I just saw that now that you pointed it out. What/who happened there?:ahh:

I see you used the original 2 piece chain tensioners…

haha I pointed this out at Davis, they ended up not make the AM chain tensioners for #25 chain. They used a lot of the AM ones on their manipulator and ball pickup

Sean did finally convince me, we have about 4 lbs of dead weight on the bot. So why not add a fan for a tad bit more thrust. We are gonna get a fan between 15-22 inches; direct driven from a fp due to weight or maybe a 2:1 ratio off of the fp.

I was watching some of our matches and in about 95% of the matches we got pinned by two robots atleast once a match. It kinda sucked :confused:. Hopefully we can push with the fans:rolleyes:

Yeah, I think Squirrel brought this part up. When ball collecting mechanisms collide with a part of the bot, it sometimes hits the frame. Good thing we built a tank:ahh:

We didn’t have enough time to machine the #25 series ones because they required some special operations and we just didn’t have enough time. But we used a single piece of the AM #35 chain ones and made a slot for #25 chain. They are spray painted black and are used everywhere: the mast, the shoooter and the ball collector.

picks up jaw, loves the look