pic: 1323 2012 Robot: ETR9 - Zero

ETR9: Zero

It was a really fun season, we had a rocky beginning but got it together, special thanks to:
• James Tonthat, we can’t thank you enough for helping us with the sheet metal this season along with teaching a lot about being competitive on the field!
• Eugene Fang/James Best, even though we didn’t see you guys at all during the build, we are stoked that you guys mentored us this year (madstream, chairmans, design, machined parts!)
• Adam Heard, since 2010 you’ve been helping us grow. We’ve appreciate all the advice, especially helping us figure out how to do a full CD7 for champs!
• Jared Russell, we can’t thank 341 and you enough or helping us with camera code this year. We don’t know where our auto targeting would’ve been without you guys.
• Austin Shuh, It was awesome being able to bounce ideas off you and getting help with our controls this year. Caught major problems in our code and gave us insight on how to setup our controls
• And thanks to everyone else (EWCP, parents, sponsors, mentors,etc…) for the fun season!

Specs below:

• 2 Speed Custom Shifting Transmission - Aluminum Gears from WCP
• WestCoast Drive Setup with built in skids and a pocketed aluminum bellypan - 8wd - Inspired by FRC254
• Custom Aluminum Wheels (6” OD) @ 1.5" Wide using Nitrile Tread
• Motors: 4 CIMS

• CD7 Style Intake with 90 degree belt transfer via Polycord. Thanks 973/2415!
• 1.5” Bore Cylinders to manipulate bridge with a neutral position to allow various different movements and low ball pressure
• Motors: 2 Fisher Prices

• Arm made from thin wall aluminum - .060 with integrated bolt pattern for #35 Chain pocketed sprocket.
• The gearbox for this setup used custom aluminum gears from WCP.
• Motors: 1 AM 9015

• Sheet Metal Construction, Thanks FRC1477! With integrated mounting holes for the 4bar.
• Motors: 1 RS 550’s

• Custom routered sprocket with a custom ball bearing setup for rotation using a R4-R3-R4 stackup.
• Motors: 1 AM 9015

• 1/4" Plate & Tab Construction with slotted sections for Smoked PolyCarb Hood
• 2 Position Pneumatic Hood
• Motors: 2 RS-550’s

• A 4Bar style balancing “STICK” deployed via pneumatics. Usable for double and triple balancing!


Hey look, not-ugly bumpers!

Fantastic robot guys. I think it deserved more glory than it got.

You’ll get that monkey off your back soon, I’m sure of it.


P.S. Thanks RC for letting me drive on the practice field! It was a lot of fun, and boy is that drivetrain super smooth.

+1 Nick.

In all seriousness this team is awesome! I approached them at worlds not having met anyone in person and the team very graciously accepted me, they even drilled a hole in the bot to mount my Go Pro camera to AND invited me to the field with them! Overall it was a great team to hang out with, and I hope to learn more about them as I continue to participate in FIRST!

  • Andrew

P.S. I need to get you your video RC

I believe i saw this bot at champs. Fantastic looking machine. Im hoping i see you guys go really far next year.

GOOD LUCK :slight_smile:

For those of you who just started following 1323 this season, check out their transformation since 2007. You will see what a lot of drive and determination can do for a team. You’ll also see why RC has a WFFA under his belt now.

Congrats on an epic season 1323.


Amazing robot. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve said this robot came straight from 254 themselves. 254 always produces some of the most dominant and beautiful robots each year, and I would definitely say this robot has earned the right to be called one of the most dominant robots of the year!

1323 managed to turn an idea I would have called “too complicated” into a elegant and effective scoring machine. The Arm-and-Turret design was something I considered early in the season, but pitched away for being “too resource costly and complex”. Well, I guess the joke is on me now, because 1323 certainly made this design into something many teams had to watch out for.

Great job and congratulations to Madtown for building an amazing robot. I hope and expect to see many more of this quality come out of 1323’s shop :slight_smile:

I was stoked to see you guys were one of the best robots in the division.

So were we. :slight_smile:

Love this robot and team! Great job to all, especially RC for cracking an inspirational whip.

Is there any good videos of this robot in action?

One of the matches here:

More on the site here:


A parent felt bad enough about the memes and the bumper quality that they worked on it with a kid or two to have decent bumpers this year! :stuck_out_tongue:

Andrew it was really fun having you around! The kids were stoked to put the go pro on it, when you get a chance, please send the vid on over!

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for all the positive comments, it was a fun build!


Sorry for the double post,

But Travis had a nice vid of us/48 playing together in quarter 2!


Please excuse my traditional in-match editorial commentary. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would have been fun to try the triple there, but when ya only need 2 bots up, why risk it?

Semifinals Match 1 in the links RC posted is notable for 3 rapid succession long bombs made by the inbounders - 2 for our alliance, 1 for the opposing alliance.

Ball game?

Better build a four-bar.

Excellent robot this year, 1323 - keep it up.

This was one of my favorite designs this year, sleek and unique. Keep up the great work!