pic: 1323/3296 Hanging Out

Both teams hanging out at Davis.



This is a pretty sick picture! Can you go into a little more depth on the specifics of the collaboration?

Its a shame 3296 did not fare as well as you did in Sacramento (congrats again by the way on your run). Do you know what problems they were having?

That’s a pretty awesome photo. Your machines both look great.

357th post, Who are we…ROYAL ASSAULT! Love you guys.


Thanks Dustin,

Well 1323 has been working very hard in the offseason of 2010 to be ready to create two bots. One for competition and one for practice. But two local teams started up in our area and one was 3296. Their school did not allow them to use their brand new 2 million dollar shop nor anything from their campus. So we decided to help them.

A parent who believed firmly in FIRST robotics funded the whole team and 15 kids traveled 25 minutes each day to our shop. Team 1323 (Students, Parents, Mentors) gave them access to our Metal and Wood shop. We had our sponsors fund them as well for this season through machine work, materials and money.

The team did equal amount of work, they went through all the prototyping and they put every single part on their robot. The only parts they did not do was the CAD, which was done by me. The welding/machining which was a liability issue since they did not belong in our school district.

Now currently, after Davis, their school is full fledged and willing to support them for the 2010/2011 season. They have also picked up sponsors such as: Northrop, Baxter, and Motorola.

We wish them the best of luck for the 2010/2011 season. We built a grand total of three robots and it was a very fun season. Team 1323 will probably not be fully collaborating with 3296 but will help out as much as needed.


Their digital sidecar blew out after someone wired a light wrong and one wheel kept chucking chain on their right side. The chain seemed properly tensioned and aligned. We did a full wheel swap and was ok after. They also were very nervous and will be practicing to compete at local offseason events such as Cal Games/MadTown Throwdown this fall/winter.


R.C. I didnt know that there was a mirror that could change the colors from blue to red… hahahhahah