pic: 1323 Final Bot 2009

So here is our 2009 Bot

-111.5 lbs
-Custom Single Speed Shooter and Drivetrain Gearboxes
-Turret Shooter
-Hopper holds 11 Balls Max
-Can empty in 6-9 secs
-Off floor and human loading
-Single Hook Velcro Belts

Vids will be up soon. Practice Shooter on there, real one was being powdercoated at the time

Man, its awesome to see CAD come to life. I’m concerned about your hopper space. It seems a bit tight.

+0.02 Overall looks sick though. Love the CNC work in the frame.

-EWCP ftw

Ohhhhhhhh, I know I have seen the frame and CNC work, but it looks killer in blue.

Looks like another shooter to look out for to me (plus its got holy rollers!).

GO 1323 and EWCP!


Very nice, from what I’ve seen Davis looks like a 50/50 split between dumpers and shooters.

Are you using the camera to control the turret?

For La, we don’t have the camera totally working yet and we making our hopper bigger before Davis.

our hopper plus clip is only 11 but we dont see that being a problem, now if only the programers could get the turret and range working:rolleyes: