pic: 1323 Powdercoated

Powdercoated bots. Our practice bot is about 85 percent done. We are making a total of 3 bots.

Should be fun.


That is sweet! are you making two robots? One competition robot, and the other practice?

He said they are making 3 bots…

So the real question is who’s the 3rd robot for?


My guess would be is one for competition, one for driver practice, and one for programmers to perfect autonomous on?

Any clearer pictures by any chance RC? I’d love to see the quality on the powdercoating please.

What’s the weight of each frame by the way?

Looks sick, R.C.! Love the pocketed electronics plates.

Am I missing something, or are they too tall to go under the tunnel? Either way, I can’t wait to see them in action at SVR!

Nice, looking good.

I feel 1323 pairing up with some others.
If not, why 3 robots?

One red alliance, one blue alliance robot, sweet. What color is the third robot?


I’ll get up a close shot of the frame itself. Our sponsor this year felt like doing extra on the blue frame, the redish one is just regular. But the Blue frame is called a “Pearl Blue” powdercoat. It is blue with dark specs inside of it, that changes colors from blue to a black. They also gave us a clear coat over the whole thing, team 1323 really appreciates the tougher powdercoat job.

Here’s a higher Q pic of the frames:

Thanks Jamie,

Well we decided we didn’t want to go under the tunnel after we built the field. With our layout we couldn’t really cut anything width wise. We tried going through the tunnel with bot at 27.5" plus the bumpers and it was near impossible. So we made the trade off and we are going over the ramp/bump.

You can catch 2 of the 3 bots at the UC Davis Regional. :wink:


The third bot will either be black or white, depending what our sponsor feels like doing.


those are really nice… i wanted my team to get all of our aluminum parts powdercoated, but we just didn’t have the money


How much extra weight did the fancier powder coat job on the blue frame add compared to the red one?




We weighed the bots before and after. Overall the blue weighs about .2 lbs more than the red when weighing just the powdercoat. The blue bot actually weighs .5 lbs less for some reason.