pic: 1323 Robot

This is our robot on ship day. It just barely now fits within the 80 inches.

That robot looks TOTALLY SWEET!!

thanks, the powder coating helps

Ahhh… powder coating! We were going to do that but we got done too late.

our bot was a two stage thing. We finished the frame and sent it out, but we got done with hand late so its not powder coated

Yeah, well we made up for it not being coated with tons of Carbon Fiber panels and green lights mounted all over.

where did you get the carbon fiber and whatz your experience with it

A great place called ACI or wait…was it IEEE? i’m not entirely sure or drive team was the division that bought it all. We used it last year on (you’ve probably seen it) the ‘Initiator’.

how strong is it and what about the weight

Hmmm…strength not strong enough to directly hold 120lbs but with reasonably spaced supports it can hold a lot and weight man it is light! A couple of pounds with 3’ X 1’ piece.

Wow that robot looks awesome!

we got lucky that we saw the 80 inch rule before we shipped or else we would have been screwed

Wait… I thought it was 60 in.

Where is this photo taken? Did you build a field?

It has a flavor of a pick up basketball game only it’s ROBOTS and I like that!

Hey do you guys have any videos of the robot in action? It looks pretty cool, but videos of the robot hurdling, knocking off the ball or just the robot in motion.

60 inches is the maximum height allowed in starting configuration.

80 inches is the maximum horizontal distance, in any direction, allowed during play. <R16>

  1. If you guys thought it was 80, you’re in HUGE trouble. :eek:

  2. Where are your bumpers, they’re manditory this year?

we do have vids, but our captian is one of those high def video people. So he has the vids and they are pretty big. We’ll try to post them, the bumpers are black and we didn’t put them on. About the field, we got some track turf and one of our shop classes built the overpass. Then the robotics class spray painted the overpass. Thanks and we’ll try to post some vids

Huge trouble? It starts out 37" and unfolds to a legal 80" and that’s including the bumper, which isn’t pictured there because it was still being made.

And I do have video, and I would really like to downscale it and upload it…BUT
I’ve been building this thing for six weeks and I haven’t really been doing homework, and my parents are expecting another 4.0 GPA or higher and I am failing all my classes. :smiley: