pic: 1323 Thinks Pink Part 2

Added Electronics:

Part 1:


Looks good. (Its amazing how much room is left over with all of those Jaguars.)
Where are your relays and pneumatic components going? How is the battery restrained? How thick is the tubing on the frame rails?

The gearboxes look similar to our 2008 gearboxes. Are you using plastic sideplates? Is the rear wheel direct driven?

One thing you might consider to stiffen the chassis is to have the wooden baseplate extend under the siderails (except where the wheels are.)

The gearbox was designed by sdcantrell56 from 1771. The plates are delrin and yup the back is direct driven. I do remember Sean saying something about some Poof inspiration in those boxes, not sure though.

If you have the machining resources, it might be better to use heavily pocketed aluminum sideplates. The weight difference is not major if the aluminum is pocketed and the aluminum will flex much less than the delrin. 254 decided to go back to aluminum gearbox sideplates after 2 years of delrin for this reason.

Thanks Nick,

I’m probably going to wire it all up and then release an updated pic. The pneumatics will go in the front, since there is a lot of room there. I’ll probably have to reorganize the electronics to fit everything.

The back wheel is directly driven and I think I might use pocketed aluminum sideplates. I noticed with some of our gearboxes that were made with delrin flex a lot more than I would’ve liked. But for lunacy they were fine.

As for the idea of extending the wood, that is a great idea. I will end up redoing the wood then. Thanks,


Looks good. You might want to consider moving the battery to the front since your gearboxes are mounted at the rear, but then again pneumatics might balance out most of that extra weight (along with the somewhat front mounted C-Rio). Also, maybe move the circuit breaker to a somewhere a little more accessible, right now its hiding between two gearboxes and a battery which could be a safety hazard down the road.

Please post pics (maybe vids :D) of the finished product, and that swerve you posted plates of earlier. I want to see these creations in action.