pic: 1323 Thinks Pink

Offseason DriveTrain

Specs: 27.152 lbs overall (From Solidworks) / Safe Side 30 lbs

-6061 AL Rails (which wheels Sit in/both of them) = 6 lbs total
-6061 AL Front and Back Aluminum Rail = 1.6 lbs total
-Wood Board = 3 lbs (the board also has some cnc work undere it to lose weight.
–Baltic Birch @ .500 thick
-6061 Custom AL Wheel aka EWCP Wheel @ .5 lbs each
-Trannies weight in at 6.65 (cims are 2.5 lbs each)
–2 Stage Tranny
–Thank you Sean (1771)
-7075 AL Axles = .042 lbs each

Not Shown
-Support Rails


Which wood did you go with in the end, RC?

Turned out really nice, better than I thought it would. I honestly can’t believe how nice your renders turn out, its really beautiful.

Wow, that’s a sick skid steer. I’m liking it.

Can’t wait for specs.

Custom wheels?

Is there a way to get inside the extrusion to access the wheels for things like chain?

Specs are up and the there is a slot under the Chassis Rails to slide wheels into. Max Wheel size is 6 inch. There are also notches cut out to put in chain.

The Wheels are custom, they are these: EWCP Wheel
Akash, the wood board was a tough one. Thanks to Sean I went to Baltic Birch, but I have another type of wood in mind for season :wink:

The weight is impressive, especially given 4 motors and a 2 stage tranny. I’m liking the wood too. I’m guesssing the 2 stage transmissions are custom too, Have you potsed them on CD? If not please do, they look nice.

I hope your not stealing my teams plan for a bamboo robot…:smiley:

Its already been done, I cant remember the team number but there was one last year (2008).

It’s good to explore more natural means for robots. Wood is an excellent tool if implemented nicely and holds advantages over other materials like polycarb or aluminum. The battery looks awfully cozy in the back though. How is the weight distribution front-rear?

We might not be posting them up until after build. But if you’d like to see them please PM.

Looks sick man. I definitely love your renders. Glad I could have a bit of an influence on you, and I love your implementation of the EWCP transmission.

Very nice render. Background could use some work, everything else looks great though.

I’m assuming the crossbars in the front and back are just welded on.

I’m also assuming the support rails would run across the middle? What did you have in mind for those, just a couple 2x1 extrusions welded in place?

What prompted you to put both the trannies and the battery in the very back?

Nice to hear from you Andy. The crossbars are welded on and pretty much our frame will be welded as it has been for the past 4 years. You nailed the extrusion part right:

-one in the back and front
-one in the middle maybe two

The reason for the trannies in the back along with the battery is because if you look closely enough at the center wheel. There is an arc bolt pattern that I’ve CNC’d into the rail. (The add on plate is not shown, I forgot to add it on). We used that pattern this year and it works great (even with the slippery surface for a 1/16 drop). You can adjust the drop between a no drop or a 1/4 inch, 1/16th increments. So I put the trannies in the back with a direct drive. The battery is in the back because I don’t have anything to put on top.

It depends, If the game or design I was making was a forklift, the battery would be fine. But If it was something that extruded beyone the frame like an arm. I may move it a bit forward. It all depends.

Here’s a pic of A wood DriveTrain made my Team 418, just to show the use of wood:



If the wood is rigidly attached to the frame along it’s length, you could probably get away with no internal cross members.

Also, You appear to be using 6" wheels, which is fne; but I think you could save a substantial amount of weight by going smaller (and keep the same ground clearance by shifting the wheels down).

For season, I’d ditch the adjustable center drop and go with a value you know works, saves some parts and weight.

I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think Pink uses any cross internal members on their robots.

They use their belly pan as their cross bracing.

Looks good, just replace all that blue stuff with brown stuff and you’ll be done!

(with a lot of redesign)

Im really waiting for you guys (1726) to start incorporating bamboo, you’ve taken on being the naturalists of FIRST :stuck_out_tongue:

If bamboo were available at the local Ace hardware store…

they have 5’x5’ sheets of Baltic Birch in 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 thicknesses

I would’ve thought it was one of ours if it was pink :wink: