pic: 1323 - Triplets?

Up to no good. Comments, questions, concerns?

That is so wrong… 3 robots??? That’s messed up… Do I get one? :yikes:

I’ll be excited to see this thing in the end design. :smiley:

Clever clever.

Pro tip: If you’re building triplets, why do you only have two of one of the parts? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to seeing what 1323 and **** do this year.

You giving one to CDub?

Triplets is the wrong word. Collaborative design is still fun though.

Meh, triplets have been done before. What about quadruplets or quintuplets?

seems like 1323 is up to no good.:stuck_out_tongue:

triples GET! :wink:

So 1323 and 11!?!? :wink:

Looks good RC!

Anytime you see metal laying together like that all you can do is sit back and watch in awe.

Lol Chris, I made those plates on the mill as a test run, the rest were suppose to come in today. But our laser sponsor said he’d have the rest 10 done monday. :smiley:

Nope, they decided to take a different route.


Not quite. Again, we’ve been working together for the past year or so, but we wouldn’t agree to identical triplets or quadruplets. Kinda the same way 1114 217 and 148 (yeah we know we’re not these three teams, stop reminding us:p ) work together and help with parts and such, but don’t have identical robots.

Let me guess: 1323 is collaborating with 973.

Nope, I think working with us would be a bit detrimental for Adam:p , we’re not at his level of design/thinking yet (1771 is though). However, he has been one of our greatest sources of advice, information, and inspiration during the past year or so, and we continue to share all aspects of design with him to gain his input. Hopefully RC and I are getting to the level of more experienced members of CD though.

Remember kids, there’s more teams in ewcp than just 11 1323 and 1771 :smiley:

Ohhhh man those look so good! Thanks for the parts RC :stuck_out_tongue: can I get them powder’d blue ? That looks soo sick!