pic: 1323's Aluminummy Bot of Madness

So Cd,

This is Madtowns Bot as of like 2/4/2009. We are getting our frame powdercoated and all our components are ready to strap on by sat. We should be fully funtional by Sat. Anyone interested in the CAD drawing Render let me know. Also, whatz the weight?

  1. I feel sorry for your welder.

  2. 35 pounds.

  3. Post a picture when you finish on Saturday.

  4. See you in Sac.

OMG, we have the same scale. And the robot is amazing.:eek: :eek: :eek:

You mean your welder doesn’t ask you to make a more complicated frame every year so he has a bigger challenge???

In all seriousness, after all of the offseason CAD projects we’ve seen from madtown, something this intricately integrated is exactly what we should expect! Looks great guys.

ohh i want to see the CAD render:]

It looks like a lot of the metal is heavily pocketed 1/8" wall tubing. If you had used 1/16" and left it solid, it would actually be lighter and stronger.

Wow, Very nice. Care to toss me a CAD pic?

Duuude, the dark blue is gonna look sick on that beast.

He is the welder for 1323 btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that is what I call one massive awesome piece of cutout metal.

Adam, the Bottom and the mast is Heavily pocketed 1/8 inch Aluminum. Everything else is 1/16 and it is pocketed also. So yeah, we took the most weight off possible. Also I will have a CAD drawing uploaded to delphi after it renders(No Colors Yet).

Hay im there girl welder but im good at what i do and thats welding 1323’s frame by myself !!!
and don’t feel sorry for me it gives me a challenge every year to do something this big, pluses my welds look pretty an professional … so its all cul :slight_smile:
its neat to see what my task will be each yr cuse its always a bigger challenge to weld it,
an ive only been doing aluminum welding for 2 1/2 yrs anyway!!! good practices…lol