pic: 1323's Cad 2009


No Further Discussion Required.

Awwww :frowning:

Madtown’s CAD never ceases to amaze me.

Wow, looking forward to seeing it in action

Zomggg robot turret.


…But how can you handle it? :]


Awesome rendering! Good luck at the competetion!

wow good luck with that guys :slight_smile: hope to see ya at the competitions

Any weight calculations on that 'bot?

It looks like it will be awful heavy, even with all the swiss-cheese holes you have in there.

It does look pretty cool though.

Although I’m also curious as to the purpose of the framed in box-ish area in front of the bot. Maybe a holder for a hopper? (Athough I don’t see any way to get the balls out of there after it would fall in their from the turret.)

Hmm… interesting teaser.
I’m looking forward to seeing the final 'bot.

haha wow…=D
I like it!
Is the front for a bin?..^^

Guess I can give up some info for Madtown and RC, the weight is at 25lbs.

Great Job Akash the Weight on this bot is about 105, major pocketing there @ about 25 lbs. The front is a bin for balls which will store from 7-8 balls max. But we also have a continuous storage that stores about 6 balls. We just got our bot back from PowderCoating so i’ll post that up soon enough wit more details. The drawing isn’t done (toooo many parts and one dude to cad(me)), but i’ll have the finish drawing up by the end of the this week and the bot should be done in a few days. As for the hopper to the turret, i’ll post a vid when this ETR6 is ready to go.