pic: 1323's Completed Bot

So Team 1323 decided to scrap all our ideas this year and go with the KISS factor. Our bot has a Turret that has a motors that magically power the side rollers that are not yet mounted. The battery from the dewalt offers power to the globe that drives the turret. This current setup weighs about 110 pounds so we are under the weight limit. The only thing that is missing from this pick is the hopper. Who needs to score in the trailor eh? Also we need to switch our wheels to an 8wd. So this setup gives the drivers 3 and a half weeks to practice practice practice.

Stay tuned for future updates, wink wink.

So… can we have your chassis of doom?

How many teeth do you have on your output sprocket?:ahh:

I’m almost positive you can’t use that DeWalt battery! Go redesign the entire thing rc.:mad:

True,is a De Walt battery legal. I think u should go and do some minor tweking.:wink:

You put a big sprocket on your Toughbox output shaft to decrease the speed? I’m pretty sure that pointless, since the added torque is not gonna matter when your traction is minimal. =/

Try again. A large drive sprocket to a smaller wheel sprocket does not reduce speed it increases it.

why are you using so many wheels?

we couldn’t find any real advantage, since adding wheels will displace the weight of the robot and not add any more traction

We found out the same thing and focused more on maneuverability

(Guns n’ Roses for the win)
And i didnt know you can have more than 4 wheels (i assume there are six, and that one is hiding behind the robot. camera shy little wheel. give it some special attention and it might come out for a photo :smiley: )

The proto served its purpose and we now scraped it. I’ll post some sick pics of the powdercoated CNC’d frame soon.