pic: 1323's New Motor Gearboxes?

So, we machined out the plates and created some new gearboxes.

Hmm, looks like new toughbox sideplates.

So wats the gear reduction on those beasts?

looks big an heavy but truly awsome

Look like T-64s or T-74s. You guys building a Battlebot for the supposed competition in April? Or did you just jack some guys wheel chair? Either way, must be fun to have those for a random project.

You either painted the toughbox plates or made new ones out of black plastic.


Good job,our awesome sponsor donated a ton of material and some sick wheel chair motors.The best part of this is the fact that the wheel chair motor has an aluminum gear reduction. Just like the wheels that were posted earlier we have a ton of gearboxe’d motors (cough 12). So we are using the gears from the boxes to get a 9:1 reduction in some new toughbox like plates. The plates are Delrin. Any more questions and comments are welcomed.

are those motors 12v or 36v?

looks like its’ gonna be awsome

24 volt motors and one of our freshman is working on a segway. Only way to get them working and I wanted to the motor in action before use.