pic: 1339 frame, after paint

Will those bearing mounts on the outside edge of your frame be an issue for frame perimeter rules? I ask because were not sure and doing it like that would make life alot easier.

All of the brackets and extras they have attached on to the outside of their tubing become the frame perimeter. Just be sure that you don’t have any gaps of more than 1/4" or longer than 8" without rigid attachment (R26). Bolt heads and rivets should not count though, but man there are a lot of them!

Lookin’ good!

Correct, the perimeter is defined by the gussets. We are at 110.25" with the gussets, so we’re ok.

Any guesses about how we’re playing?

I would be sure to make your bumpers very stout, that 1x1 VersaFrame is pretty thin wall stuff intended for superstructures and the like.
It’d be a good idea to very securely mount a stiff bellypan to it in order to survive.


Yup. Bellypan not in the photo.

My guess:

An arm with an end manipulator that will be able to acquire the ball from either the front or the rear. You may also have a device to shoot the ball once acquired, or you may just intend to pass it.

My guess as to the manipulator… vacuum/suction.