pic: 1341's 2006 Robot

PM/reply to the thread if you have any questions.

We’ll be at UCF this year, once again.

Bumpers have yet to be attached, and the door will likely be removed on Thursday next week.

What’s the third wheel below the shooter for?

is it for a turret?

I love the speed holes!

it apears to be their redneck version of gears

it appears to drive those two smaller wheels that drive one set of shooting wheels. i figure that there’s another small wheel attached to the other set of shooting wheels. it works like a spur gear train, only much lighter than a similarly sized gear train. whats this ‘door’ to which you refer on caption.

P.S. love the speed-holes

Um no…

to me it looks like the third wheel is powering the small wheels and then the two of the small wheels are on the same shaft as the shooter wheels. Team 1341 used wheels to power their shooter instead of sprocket, chains or even gears.

nice bot. except it seems to have a high COG :frowning:
does the shooter take a considerable amount of time longer to get to target RPM? the wheels to distribute power is a great idea but wont they slip? i guess it should somewhat similar to belts.
good job though.

another team to add to the “tough competition” category.:yikes:
UCF is gonna be really exciting

someone seems to have had waaaay too much fun with a drill.

this might actually be a ‘feature’…the wheels will serve as a sort of clutch, keeping the motor from seeing any shock loads. no worries about sheared teeth or broken chains; to much load, and the wheels slip. additionally, with that big wheel turning all those smaller wheels, they’re gonna have a lot of angular momentum when that gets up to speed, with comparatively little weight.

ooh what’s the robot called? Flamin Hot?

I like the technical look of it, and you can never go wrong with the color red or with speed holes :slight_smile:


Wow, I really love that conveyor track you guys used to get the balls from the floor up to the shooter. We actually looked into that stuff but decided against it due to weight issues with our available hardware. I never imagined it would be used the way you guys did it, but I am really impressed. Great job guys, I can see you put a lot of time into the design. What an incredible, and beautiful robot!

I love the cheeseholing, especially on the sides of those large plates that cover the wheels – interesting pattern, if there even is one.

Why such large wheels on the drive base?

We were originally going to do a grid pattern to make it look somewhat neat, but a few people got ahold of some drills while we weren’t looking and began to randomly drill.

One of our priorities is speed, and in high gear, we should get about 11fps with the 8" IFI Traction wheels.

Our initial design with those sideplates (which are each removable as individual assemblies if we need to repair them away from the robot) involved treads, but due to an engineering mishap, we didn’t completely get them right, and at the end of the 4th week we had to give up, and order wheels as a quick replacement, as we were running out of time and we were holding up the other subteams on our drivetrain problems.

Nice looking bot, Adam.

After PNW, I’d worry a little about the square red plates. I think they are going to get smashed in pretty quickly. Also, how beefy is that red bar across the front? We used the C-channel from the KOP for our similar function, and it was noticably, but not fatally, bent by the end of the tournament.

Anyway. Looks pretty. Have a great season.

So the season ended and I just noticed your reply… sorry about neglecting it.

The red plates stayed on nicely, as they were securing bumpers to the robot. By our second match at UCF, our red L-bar was destroyed, and we replaced it with some dense PVC (I believe).