pic: 1346 at Science World

Nice. I used to love going to Science World as a kid whenever I was in the area (visiting my grandparents in Burnaby).

What’s the story behind this demo?

i like the neon lights… did you just use the ones from teh FIRST games?

where is science world?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Oops… my apologies… I had assumed the description I wrote in the media section was going to show up here.

For the past few years we’ve been taking our robots out to Science World, the local (Vancouver) science/technology hands-on interactive science museum/centre thingy as part of their “robotics invasion” weekend, and this year I thought I’d post a picture from it.

We build the “corral” from 10’ long 2x8"s so that we can let the young guests take a hand at driving the robots. Even some of the “no so young” guests want to try going for a drive… particularly with the mecanum drive machine from last year. (The green glow is from left over cold cathode lights from the vision targets the past couple of years… a far better use than leaving them on the shelf.)

It was particularly fun for the youngsters to get to bounce nerf balls off the wall, and a great opportunity for our students to get out and talk about the team and FIRST in general. Although BC has a thriving FLL community, and a growing number of FTC teams, we’ve only got three FRC teams at the moment, so it is important that more people hear about FRC if we want to get more teams involved.

I don’t know what other teams do when they put their machines on public display, but I can assure you that giving people a chance to drive the big robot is a definite draw.


Wonderful way to get attention if you want to show off your team to the public! Good Job! :smiley:

will 1346 be attending GTR this year?

The corral is an excellent idea, Jason. We are invited to participate in a lot of demos with space set-ups similar to this. The corral would be very helpful in defining the area for the robot and the team and in also allowing the guests to participate. Cool.

Wonder what a purple tie-dyed corral would look like. :slight_smile:

Hi Vince… it was a heartbreaking decision, because we’ve had some of our best FIRST experiences at GTR, and have met a great group of amazing people out there, but having a new regional in Seattle was just too close to home to pass up.

For the first time ever our team will get to compete close enough to home that friends and parents will be able to drive down Saturday morning and be back at home Saturday night… so long as the border line ups and I-5 aren’t too crazy, that is! We are pretty excited about that opportunity, but won’t be winging it across the country this year.