pic: 1346 - Vancouver, BC

This is the robot, as shipped, with a bit of image manipulation to hide the distracting background (you know, flowers in the foreground, snow capped mountains in the background). Part of the passive tetra manipulator and the camera have been removed for shipping.

Specs: Drive: 1 CIM Per Side, 4wd
Steering: Tank, with pneumatically activated caster assist
Arm: Van Door and Window Motor 15:1 reduction
"Flippers": for manual loading & scoring of multiple tetras
Weight: 118-119 lbs. Well, we're pretty sure of that…
Autonomous: Gear tooth sensors, pot for arm position
"Speed Holes": Many. Many, many, many.

See you in Portland and Toronto. A special greeting to our Theory6 friends (1241) who posted here a while back.