pic: 1346 - Wood is Good

This is the bottom end of the loading mechanism. Loads ten balls in six seconds. The turret/shooter (made of plywood) can’t quite keep up at that rate… do we slow the loader or add another FP to the shooter?

At this point we are still well under weight, but will add more mass as we increase functionality this week. Then there’s the weight of all that code, too… but after watching some teams do rapid fire… more power to the shooter can’t be a BAD thing.

At this point last year we were about 15 pounds overweight.

See you all at PNW and GTR.


cool, nice use of wood.

That. Is. The. Coolest. Part. Ever.

Not only a wooden wheel, but a wooden bearing mount!?!
Coolest use of wood, EVER!

Wood is awesome epecially when you use it to do the right thing. This would classify as the right thing.

Now to just convince more people of the power of wood… Plywood bases work really well too!


Very, very nice. Looks well made.

I’m impressed and afraid.

I <3 it, as a matter of fact I want it!!

Very nice woodworking skills. What type of wood is it? It looks like oak maybe?

Very very nice!

Those are not pieces of wood, those are pieces of art!!
Very nice!!

Beautiful. Light weight judging from the type and the grain.

I think it looks great! What prompted you to use wood?

Thank you for saying exactly what I thought the minute I set eyes on that picture! Someone truly took the time and effort to produce a beautiful functional piece! I, for one, enjoy woodworking as a hobby, and while good machinists can do great things with metal, I always love a good woodworking piece.
Excellent work team 1346!

WOW! All that needs to be said.

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just wonder ing will the heat from the belt affect it? It is still cool.](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?&action=single&picid=12791)[/quote]

what’s the chassis made of? … Cedar? that would be cooler

I love the use of the parting tool & quarterround combo. Not to mention the subtle turns of a left and right wide gouge.

Yours truly,
Cole Hasson
Co-founder of GHSWG (GHS Woodworkers Guild)