pic: 135?! What are you doing in my sony clié?!

I had 135mb left on my Sony Clié after copying a Gershwin and a Beatles CD to it. I’ve been seeing 135 alot lately…

A five-hundred megabyte HD, I LOVE IT!

This happened with 306 on my Flash drive the other day too… maybe it is a conspiracy?

Its a PDA connected to his computer, what do you expect?

:yikes: Yea, thats definitely not my laptop’s HD :smiley:


I don’t know…I hope I never hit 68mb on my 1gig flash drive…

This pic should go into the “Team numbers in everyday places”:


Someone needs to get firefox… :ahh:

Our scouting leader thisyear had a USB key that thought it had a terabyte+ of storage…

Heh, my gig flash drive has 666 mb free. The half-gig one is nothing so interesting, it has 490 used.