pic: 1351 camera mount

Sweet! That looks so much nicer than what we have right now. Is that plastic? Did you make it yourself? How much does it weigh? Sorry about all the questions but I really like that set up.

Looks great. Where are you planning on mounting it on your robot? And also how are you going to mount it, vertically or horizontally?

It’s all aluminum. We had the opportunity to have some anodizing done for free, hence the black color. As for the weight, I’d have to weigh it, but I’d be surprised if the entire thing weighs more than half a pound. Actually…the servos are fairly heavy…so is the camera…so maybe it weighs a little over half a pound.

The chassis isn’t finished yet, so we aren’t sure how it will be mounted. However, the intent was to mount it just as it is in the picture.

See this thread for CAD files/assembly instructions:

1351’s camera mount

The one problem that might get you mad down the road so I will save you the trip. The standard cable for the camera mount which is standard serial port is heavy and doesn’t like to move around alot but if you got a handy person on your team have them make their own version of the same cable using the plug put cut the cord and instal more versital setup so the lil weakling servos they give us can move. Check the torque and I believe for Hitec servos like taht it should be around 85Oz/in. not much torque so whatch out.

The serial port is only used if you want to plug the camera into the computer. It is a pain, but not a permanent set up.

We actually didn’t have much trouble with it. After clamping the assembly to a table, it didn’t seem to care much about the heavy cable.