pic: 1364's Robot

This is our robot "Lucky." It's primary goal is to climb both platforms then hang from the bar. It was fairly successful, placing second at the Peachtree Regional.

To climb the platforms, it uses the large wheels to simply roll over the edge, and then it fires a piston in the rear to bring the second set of wheels up to the proper level for driving on the platform. The odd metal layered on the top is actually a scissor lift that extends up past the bar and then back down, which pulls the body of the robot up.

Any thoughts or comments?

“fairly” succesful?! I don’t think i saw a match in which you guys didn’t hang!!

I remember when one of my teammates first saw it, he commented, “it looks like an ice-cream cart”.

great bot. are you guys going to any other competitions?

I still have yet to figure out where you get the air for that machine…i know metal-in-motion and our team had a terrible time with air consumption (and we only had one 24 in stroke, 2 in bore pnuematics each) you all had TWO??? it was interesting to say the least.

Yeah, it does look kinda like an ice cream cart. Or maybe a popcorn cart. We got the air from the tiny compressor. That’s why it took us 30 seconds to hang. The compressor was almost always running.

sweet! are you going to give your little brother his bicycle wheels back after the championship?

What do u have the transmision on the drive motors or geared to? Cause with those huge tires it looks like you could go really really really fast and it would be great to run in a chariot race :yikes:

Do they let you use those blue lights? Or do they switch to Red if you want them too?

We used 4 lights of each side and we can change them to what color we are on the field, red or blue. We think they are one of our coolest features.

For gearing, we used drills with the standard gearbox provided by FIRST.

We aren’t doing any other competitions, and sadly we didn’t win an award that would allow us to attend the championship. But that just means more time to prepare for next year.

i find it funny how u made the 12 inchers look like skate wheels

Awesome bot, simple, but effective. I don’t think it looks like an ice-cream cart though, more of a modified computer with window, cold cathode lights, and a really big mean tranzit system.

It looks really cool! I love it. Too bad I didn’t get to see it in action! It reminds me everything that was mentioned.

That is the coolest robot I ever looked at.

hahahaha Nice looking robot there… I loooove the tires!!!