pic: 1368 compleat eltronics box

this was made all by one of our students it is made of .25 lex-an and can come all of the way out of the robot in less then 5 min.

If those fans have Blue LED’s…they are the same awesome ones I have on my case, lol. The box looks like it could still get pretty warm thought, but hey, it looks awesome!

Looks really cool, but it looks like it could extremely hot in that box. Do you guys have enought fans to keep that thing from over heating? Also, where is your on/off switch?

sweetness ben, can’t wait to see the rest @ UCF…

totally modular?

as a side note…because I am having an ongoing debate with a few friends on this one…what pitch chain is that on the drive train?

Looks like its 35 chain.

very nice, but looks like a bitch to troubleshoot. The modular part is really nice, so you can get out of the rest of the team’s way

Lovin the cooling system. Too cluttered for me though :]

Egh. Not to rain on your parade, but last year the inspectors (at Sac regional) were REALLY big on being able to walk up to your bot on and hit the reset button (aka … couldnt be closed up in a box). There was also a thing (last year … ) on the Q&A system about using fans that didnt come in the kit. It was considered another motor, and therefore, not allowed.

I’m not too sure if thats the way it’ll be this year, but you might want to have a back up plan in place incase it hits the fan at a regional. Nice wire mgmt thou.