pic: 1369 teaser

…or do i just need to clean out my trunk

Those round plates look familiar. Turret components.

…and yeah, you might need to tidy up.

Those holes look like the right size to hold a ball in for indexing them.

hahaha that looks like a peice from our battlebot last year…
except ours was titanium

anyway back to ontopic… nice waterjetting
also mabye it is a ball elevator

Nice… looks a bit large though.

i s’pose you’re right; a 33" dia. turret might be a little difficult to fit in the starting envelope. back to the drawing board…:stuck_out_tongue:

well, down south, we do like to play rough…:wink:

First thing I noticed: visible green grass.

Curse you Floridians and your lack of snow!
But then I noticed the nice looking pieces of metal. Looks good!

I’m just glad to know my vehicle is not the only one that gets trashed during build … :ahh:

Oh … and nice looking waterjet parts.

I’m thinking those disks look larger than 28" diameter. I would guess they are used in a vertical orientation.

roger what did i tell you about getting parts from the Dumpster?!


hmm even i dunno what roger is up to?! :ahh: and i’m on the team… hmm…

well it’s gonna be interesting… how many days to go?

not visible: the puddles and rain from a day-and-a-half long thunderstorm. florida isn’t all sunshine and palm trees…

indeed, those “disks” are almost 33" at their widest point…

hey, we takes what we gets; and we likes it too!

and if you don’t know what i’m doing, that makes two of us.

Lemme guess, you were out looking for poof balls and decided the robot could use a nice cowboy hat. Good idea though, the sunscreen is always a pain to rub in when we take our robot out side :rolleyes: .