pic: 1379 2010 Breakaway Robot

she may be a bit heavyset, but she’s got curves :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow I’m speechless. What a beautiful robot.

Are you planning on having spacers for you bumpers to make those axle shafts extending out legal?

[LEFT]Whoa! Beautiful machine. Add some black & red powdercoat and I’d be in love.

I don’t suppose you’d be willing to talk a bit about your design process. I’m curious how this baby came about.


WOW, awesome.

Are those integrated carry handles?

(And sorry JVN, I think it would look better in Blue.)


This is one amazing robot. Great work!

thanks everybody! my biggest goal this year was to make a good looking robot that worked they way i wanted :slight_smile:

IndySam – actually, since the leg modules are on the other side of the 1x3 tubing, the shafts don’t extend past the frame perimeter

JVN – haha, our colors are actually blue and silver, hence the blue rivets :wink:
i’ll tell you anything you’d like to know about the design process, ask away

Chris – nothing better than handles for safety!

Suddenly very glad I picked up 1379 in FF :smiley:

Looks amazing! Good luck at your competition(s)!

Hands down the best looking bot ive seen this season, maybe overall!

Wow, beautiful bot! Can’t wait to see it in person at Peachtree. Who did your aluminum work? Was it done on a laser or water jet?

all of our aluminum pieces were drawn in Inventor, then sent to a master machinist mentor, who set them up and ran them on his CNC mill :slight_smile:

Geez I wish we had gotten time to get some final pictures of our robot. :mad: Looks really similar to yours, and is even smaller, but still curvy. :stuck_out_tongue: Very nice robot, congratulations.

P.S. Well we may not have all of it done in this picture but here it is welded back at week 4.


Absolutely breath-taking robot!!
I love how everything is integrated into your design…
I bet it will be a beast on the field too!!

Congratulations you guys are winners!!

We hope to see you on the field in Atlanta!!


Outstanding job 1379! Fantastic attention to detail. The blue rivets are a nice touch.

See you at Peachtree!

Beautiful Robot! Love the design! The machine work is fantastic, as always.

Can’t wait to see it at the dome in April.

You guys have come a long way in 7 years from when all we had was a cordless drill and the bad bandsaw…

Of course, I have to ask: so how much does it weigh? :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the Industrial Design Award at Peachtree and the Judge’s Award for “General Awesomeness” at Palmetto!!

See ya’ll next week!!

Co-signed! This thing was a beast at Palmetto, one jammed suspension piece notwithstanding. (Of course, we on 2815 might be a little biased… ;))