pic: 1382 Brazil - Prototype Robot 3


An image of a prototype robot developed by Tribotec Team at ETEP´s machine shop…(we used the 2004 EduKit)

For more pictures:
ETEP - J&J Tribotec Team


Aha… you did flip the CIM tranny around to shorten the chain to the rear wheels (the battery end). I notice that in the first picture.

Those are big fans you have, are you getting a heating problem?

:ahh: Hi Camila, :ahh:
We like to take pics, yeah?
I cannot say many thing, i’m from MKT/Website, I like so much all the involved spirit in the project, and I hope to learn very much with you!

Nice cooling sys, i think moust of the ele sys work best at 20’C

Exactly…we’re not having major problems, but these whoppin’ monster coolers do slow down the heating process…