pic: 1388: Gyration

It’s a few days earlier than we wanted to show this off, but who cares.

Gyration, meet CD. CD, meet Gyration. For the few of you who wanted to see a control movement gyroscope on a 2009 bot, you’re in luck. We managed to cut a few pounds here and there to allow us to put a 10lb gyro on our robot that is spun using a FP motor with an AM planetary and some of the Gates belts. Tilting is accomplished by a window motor.

Drivetrain is 2 CIMs mounted on Dewalts (no servos). We’re leaving them in 12:1 (~8fps), although the bot does drive in 4:1 and 3:1 - you can do the math.

Conveyor is also powered by a CIM and a dewalt. The chain driven rollers hold and drive 2 serpentine belts to get the balls up to the top of the hopper. The hopper is constructed out of the same material that is used for windows in convertible cars.

Shooter. Once again, a CIM and a dewalt drive PVC rollers (note the chain rigging, so one spins backwards). Speed is controlled by the operator, which will enable easy adjustment for shooting short or long distances, into trailers or corners. It’s also reversible, so it can spin backwards and pick up empty cells from the outpost(s).

Stay tuned for auton …

Demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ed0Xgk0qqn8

nice job guys, we were going to attempt to put a gyro on ours as well but we scrapped the device because it was out of our weight constraints. good luck in your season and we’ll see you guys at Long Beach.

Is the mechanism for picking the balls up off the floor only one ball wide? That seems like it could be a serious disadvantage.

Do you have an electronic gyro measuring your turning as well? It would seem to be extremely difficult to accurately turn via a spinning gyro without some closed-loop control software.

Wow you guys pulled it off. We looked at this method and built a proto-type but didn’t think it would help as much and didn’t have the room and weight, but you guys did it, congratulations.

erm… I hope our 7lb. shooter drum doesn’t affect our driving :eek:

I’m assuming you have the gyro spinning the same direction the whole time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the gyro tip side to side instead of front to back? The physics of this gyro looks sideways. If the gyro is spinning to the right and you tip it forward, the force would be forward, which doesn’t help with turning.

The physics do not change and as the default position of the gyro is vertical the tourque does not affect driving unless tilted…which is the point…obviously…

Ok, I got to know. What did you do to your bumpers? Did you wrap them to your frame?

Looks like they wrapped them in tape to keep the numbers on…

I really like the gyro idea though. It’s very different and should land you an award… if not a win :wink:

WOW im impressed with the outcome. seriously good work guys

Very cool. I think you’re well on your way to a 3rd straight creativity award.

See you in LA.

holy cow was that motor being back driven the whole time at the end of the video? that doesn’t seem like a good idea ):

i think you need one of those whatchamacalit gears… the ones that freespin on backdrive

Hope to see you guys at Davis, and is there protection for that fan btw. I can’t tell in the video.

Wrapped em in plastic since the paint was still a little tacky.

There’s a worm gear in the window motor for the backdrive, but the software wasn’t controlling tilt correctly when that video was shot. It’ll be fine … don’t worry :slight_smile:

Yes, the wheel is covered in lexan, although there isn’t much that you can get hurt on (or break for that matter). As far as Davis is concerned, we were next on the wait list, but didn’t make it - so we got into LA instead.

Thanks Joe :slight_smile: Come say hi sometime …

Yes, it’s closed loop.