pic: 1388 Presents: Lucky!

Well, after many delays and a little weight problem, we finally got our newest bot up and running. This is the bot in its starting position, and I’ll explain a few basic features on the bot. A pneumatic rod extends the arm to its full length where its well able to reach each goal. The two white ramps on the sides are a basic system that holds one bot 14 inches up into the air (we had to cut a second ramp section due to the weight problems). The manipulator is a two piece claw that has a basic touch sensor to tell when its picked up a ring, using another pneumatic cyllender to hold it shut. the drivetrain uses custom wheels with a conveyor belt material for traction. On a final note, we have a camera system set up and with any luck some really good autonomous code. So, meet Lucky.

So yeah. Just got home from a little late night programming.

A sample can be found here:

(6mb WMV9)

Because our “arena” is small, we can’t run it as fast as we would like, and we can’t simulate the starting position in relationship to the actual rack … but you can get the idea.

That is done minor human control. If you look at the image here you can see the button box we’re using. He’s pressing the 3 buttons labeled “Align” “Approach” and “Score”

Align uses the camera to locate the rack and position itself, approach to come up to it … and score to release the ring then back off.

Once those buttons are pressed, the controller takes over. We’re still needing to do some tweaking, but it is looking quite promising.

And a small detail that Bryan neglected to mention, the drivetrain uses 2 AM Shifter 2’s. Currently they’re running single small CIMs, but once we get to competition we can install 2 FP motors with AM planetarys (some bad weather in Indiana has kept the pinions we needed from getting here on time). The robot seems to be rock solid this year. Feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention a couple things.

Sensors - using a gyro, a pot on the arm, and a touch switch on the claw (to sense when the tube is ready to be locked in). And the camera.

Arm - Driven using the small CIM and the Banebots planetary, with the 16:1 conversion installed. That is one solid drive system for an arm.

Bumpers - Pool noodle bumpers (covered in Cordura) exist, but are not installed at the time of the photo.

Pneumatics - 2 air tanks and compressor, all cylinders are 3/4"

Controller - Equipped with an IFI backup charging circuit (which let us run the camera for about 6 hours straight before the backup battery finally died)

Nice design and the use of new material!

That is a great choice of material for the gripper and the ramp.
Best of LUCK(Y)!

what kinda material is the black stuff on the ramp?

80 grit sandpaper hotglued to the ramp.

Just a quick update for anyone interested …

You can view the teaser video of our robot in action before it was shipped (I finally had a chance to do this … been trying to catch up on sleep since the ship date … I’m almost caught up :rolleyes: )


It’s a 13mb WMV9 file.

We’ll be at the Los Angeles and San Diego regionals … and with any luck, Atlanta also :slight_smile:

Any questions? Just ask.