pic: 1390/1604 Newpaper article


Teams 1390 and 1604 have gelled this year, and now act almost like one team, but with two robots of course. They built their robots in the same building at SCHS, and used the same mentors. This week they are traveling to Atlanta on the same bus, and are now even in the newspaper together. If you all would like a larger image of this article, post and I’ll try to rescan it.

That’s quite amazing. How many copies of the paper do you have? If possible could you get me a copy? Oh, and I still have a copy of the one you wanted. We need to do an exchange :slight_smile:

Good Luck to 1604 and 1390! I’ll be cheering for you :slight_smile:

ah, thats something I need to do… This is my one copy, I need to swing by and get more copies. By the way, Thanks to the Osceola News Gazette for printing us!

Congrats! Hope to see you guys there, it was fun to talk to some of your team’s students at the FIRST luncheon. Only thing: it would be nice if the scan was just a little bit bigger, I can’t quite make out every word… PM me if you need someone to host a larger copy.

EDIT: Never mind, a little googling found me a larger copy at their website: http://www.special-sections.com/sections/9999af/5a.html

EDIT 2: Good article, always helps to have some publicity (especially if it’s free!). A few minor errors, but when does that not happen when the reporting is being done on FIRST… :rolleyes: