pic: 1390 1604 Tshirt.JPG

Here are team 1390’s and 1604’s T-shirt designs for 2006. They are both big improvements from previous years; look for us at the Florida Regional and the Championship Event. The team is highly encouraged to trade t-shirts and each member should have at least one extra, if you want one offer a trade.

I was wondering what company teams use to order their t-shirts? I got a tip from some of my friends that do FLL that Design-it.com was a pretty inexpensive way to go, so we tried it. I just wanted to share with other teams that they did a great job on our shirts, and they even decided to be a sponsor for both teams and took $0.25 off every shirt. Thats why their logo is on the back. the 1390 t-shirts came out to be $6.00 per shirt and we ordered 100, the 1604 shirts were $6.25. Not bad for looking that good!

One other thing, check out their website , they are modeling 1390, 1604, 1543, and some Ocean Odyssey shirts! How cool is that?

Barry, 1065 uses a local company, Jesters which is like a party store but they do shirts and stuff (but Barry since you’re local, you knew that) to do the silk screening. I think they cost us 8 dollars each and we designed them ourselves, and by ourselves I mean they told me to do it. He he. But I don’t think we’re going to be using Jesters anymore. The first day of regionals I was talking to Cory (Mentor of 1543 for those of you who don’t know) and he said you told someone on his team about design-it.com and suggested we try it out for next year. I’ve been talking to the mentors about it, and I think we are actually going to use them next yr. Good Job Barry… You started a trend ^.^ =]

I can give good rep points for Design-It, though in another context. In another life I was a Girl Scout leader <insert wise-crack here> and had them make custom patches for our Camporees. They do high-quality work, are easy to work with, offer quick turnaround and reasonable prices.

Hahahaha, 1543 shirt is sooooo on the page =] Thanks for the work Barry, you rock =]=]

At Design-It, the shirts were awesome, fast, no art fees, and it was CHEAP =] They rock. =] I think our shirts costed us about $8.00 a piece, no bad at all =]

Your shirts look real nice. I like them. We got our shirts from promotion zone, i think, and we paid a good $30 for it, but they are real sharp, and we look like a team. I also talked to my teacher/mentors about design-it.com we might use it next year. I’m very proud of your job well done. Thank you for the great idea!