pic: 1403 2014 Robot Sunday Morning

Our robot caught some tiger overnight… it picked our alliance partner for us!

I heard it did pretty well at Mt Olive, got some stats on it JB?

Size: 26 wide by 29.5 long
Weight: 110 lbs

4 cim and 2 mini cim
6 wheel west coast drive
4 inch am high performance wheels (blue nitrile tread)
single speed
34 tooth gt2 9mm pulley/belts
geared for 6.12 to 1

1 cim
worm gear
roughly 180 degrees of rotation

1 cim
worm gear to rack and pinon
energy comes from 6 pieces of 1/2" surgical tubing

1 775
vexpro planetary 49 to 1
6 3.25" DT vex wheels

I’m not sure how our tiger got out of it’s cage overnight… I just wish he didn’t gnaw on your surgical tubing overnight! :slight_smile:

Thanks for choosing us and one of our neighbors (4285).

I had no idea that you guys have NEVER won a competition until it was mentioned in the finals.

We were just a a few points away from fixing that and keeping our Mt. Olive undefeated title!

It was great working with you and we hope to see you at MAR champs!

This robot really deserved a blue banner. Very disappointed to see 1403 walk away with another Finalist trophy. Hopefully your luck turns around soon.

(and too bad my dream alliance of 222+11+1403 wasn’t possible again :slight_smile: )