pic: 1405 Battery Box *Thanks 340*

This is our battery box, constructed by our mentor Mr. Smith. Special thanks to G.R.R. (340 + 424) for letting us use their bender. It is extremely sturdy and lightweight, and it allows quick and easy changing of batteries.

no problem guy it so much fun to have 3 teams in the wing all with there own robot to manufacture i can wait you see you bot done is a really neat robot

Looks nice, I assume you have something yet to be added to secure the battery?! Rookie teams should note how simple a battery box can be.

I recommend some of the surgical tubing… keeps the battery in the holder even if it’s upside down!


We’ve been planning a door that will go on the top of the frame that will protect and allow easy access to our battery and electronics.

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Thanks for those new parts Colin! Did you make them on the bridgeport or did Mr. Brunell have the duties.