pic: 1425 Swerve Drivebase Screenshot & CAD

Prototype 3-Wheel Independent Swerve Drivebase. Designed for 6-CIM (2 per module), plus RS-550 with VP for steering. Currently built-up with 1 CIM per module.

CAD Files are available here.

All the swerves in the PNW :P. Looks sweet.

I love it! Any potential problems with instability on 3 wheels?

This makes me so happy! I remember seeing your 3 wheel holomonic drive on Galileo in 2013, and I personally thought it was the best holo drive implementation I have seen in my robotics career. That combined with your FCS was a lethal combo. It is so cool the you guys are taking your trademark 3 side design to the next level. Good luck this season!