pic: 1429 Ramps deployed

Team 1429 showing the ramps deployed on our frame.

wow that looks really heavy without anything on it

yeah it does look heavy…how do people get on?


What’s your ground clearance???

just wondering, and good luck.

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that looks super-heavy.:ahh: are you making it lighter somehow, or does it just look heavier than it is?

how would robots get up onto your platforms?

You know I am hoping that the material isn’t just plain aluminum. I am sure the team thought about the weight issue before starting to build it.

… the other day when I walked in Team 1251’s home and picked up a 2x4 ACM (Aluminum Composite Material), I swear I thought it would be 15-20 pounds, when it was really just about 5-8 pounds.

It looks heavier than it is. It is made of punched aluminum. Each ramp weighs about 6 pounds. The ends of the ramps are flush with the ground on deploy, then the pistons raise the ramps to a height of 13 inches. More pictures to follow.

Better make sure that you don’t put the metal right on the ground-that would be against the rules. Metal or hard plastics cannot be placed directly on the ground.

Team Update #11 addresses this issue, metal or hard plastics can be placed on the playing field as part of a ramp or platform, if they are properly designed.

how si the robot going to get on the ramp

wild guess: ramps unfold, robots drive on, then cylinders actuate to lift them up.

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