pic: 1448 beauty shot

By popular demand, a better shot of 1448. I’ll see what else I have.

NIIIIICE treads…very nice…i gotta say that owns

WOW!!! Those are enormous treads… quite impressive… and intimidating. I’ve noticed that adding intimidation to your robot usually weighs a lot, how much did this?

Since the discussion seems to of moved to this thread I will repost below…

I can’t find any pictures taken by my team of the bot, but it was something. Their pit was one down from ours and had a elaborate tent setup with VERY technical posters and photos… the frame looked so complex (looked very similar to the inside of an airplane) that I heard some wondering about student involvement.

I heard that the treads were made by one of their sponsors, Foster Miller.

EDIT: After some more research into Foster Miller, I learned that they manufacture the TALON Robots, which are in use by military personal.
Photo from a Wired Magazine Story

Notice a similarity in the tread? :yikes: