pic: 1458 hurdling

1458 hurdling, the person under is holding the overpass up.

our mechanism is a roller on the top that sucks in the ball, that entire assembly rises and angles up.

we can place on the overpass or hurdle

awesome robot guys, the suckers should help a ton when acquiring the ball.

See ya at davis!

Just some specs:

6 wheels- 2 kit wheels in the back drive, 2 6" Omnis in the front.
Standard toughboxes 2 cims each- may regear at Silicon Valley depending on how practice matches go

a C shape, top has a conveyor belt system powered by a globe motor that sucks the ball in. This entire section angles up and rises on a forklift to get the center of the ball a little bit above the top of the overpass.
Forklift-powered by two FP motors and standard FP transmissions. When spun one way they pull on a cable that lifts the forklift, spun the other way unspools the up cable while spooling in another cable that pulls down.

132 lbs. at last weigh in, it’s turned pretty chessy since then and we didn’t have time to weight it before shipped

please post any questions or comments

Does it go higher? I don’t know it that will make it…

i think that it’s interesting

at that height if we roll it off onto one of the “thinner” places on the overpass (the ones that the balls do not rest on at the start) it rolls over, but if we do it on a wider hole it stays on the overpass but we can angle down and push the ball off if need be.