pic: 1458 Manipulator prototype1

This was our first prototype of 1 of our 2 leading design. A small CIM powers via belt drive a conveyor belt system, that sucks the ball in that spits out. Hopefully to be mounted on a forklift.

cool… looks a little faulty though…

just think what would happen if someone hits you hard when you have the ball

And that’s why we prototype:rolleyes:

the angle is deceiving, there are two posts on top, one on bottom. we plan on adding plastic sides but of course we cant fully enclose (only 28" of bot, 40" of ball)

If the belt is pushing down hard enough it doesn’t look like it will come loose, I like this design nice job on the prototype. What kind of reduction/rpm is the belt running at?

Cool! Looks like you guys are doing great this year!

We prototyped a design just like this on day 2 and it seemed to work well. However, I think you’ll find that unless you are planning to build a very low drivetrain you may not be able to get the forks under the ball. A lower roller might be necessary…

Its a CIM running at a speed reduction of 2:1, we could put a higher ratio on it, but even at this low ration it is able to do everything we ask of it.

Thank you, we are further ahead of schedule this year then last, hopefully if you pick us again we will be more of a help :). We have the bottom fork further behind then the top rollers, approximately 10". This allows the ball to come in contact with the rollers before the bottom forks. We haven’t designed our drivetrain yet because This is our leading design, so if we select this design our base will be radically different. (probably a foot shorter then limit, and an open front)

wow that is so cool my idea was the same and this week i am working on a prototype and thats cool hows yours does it and also i was going to us two on top would that almost work better? with maybe one prong or maybe 2 prongs or just one solid ramp with grip.:]

also were would you get the CIM moters are they in the kit?:o

Yes. Or you can get two in addition to the two in the kit. (total of four on the robot)

We were considering this and i was just wondering what kind of distance and speed do you get out of that when you reverse the motors? Are you planning on hurdling?

we are planning on hurdling with this, ill try to get a good test out of it tomorrow going reverse. this is just a prototype and ive been told the rollers the treads are on dont roll very good, so we wont get very accurate numbers.

hey team 1485 are you guys going to give up one of your cim moters to power that hand? and what kinda tred do you to suck in the ball? is that a tank tred?:yikes:

we were planning on hurdling but now we are herding

As Designer and builder of this prototype I will try to answer any questions you guys have.

As I said before its a bad angle, There are 2 prongs at top creating three prongs 1 underneath (only 1 to save weight) 2 on top (the belting spreads between them)

This being just a prototype, It was built to prove the theory not complete the job. The rollers are poorly made And I will probably want to perfect the belt system. But even with these issues, It was able to spit the ball out straight up, but only to have it roll out no flight.


I went OSH and they had this very flexible rubber stuff, I think used for weather stripping or something, was 1’ 6" in width, cross section looked like this


We decided on a CIM because Its small and fast, but people are still arguing over it so its not final.

I’d use a globe with a 1:1 ratio driving the roller. This will be plenty fast and will provide ample power. You will need some power to suck in the ball. It will also be lighter than using a CIM; keep the CIMs in the drive train down low.

using a CIM is one of our most debated things about this design. I think we are going to stick with using a CIM so we can get a bit more distance out of spitting out the ball.

would you guys mind putting up another pic of this bc i love it so much

lol anything for you Cal High. I just painted it so it looks even better now. Ill get a pic tommorow will be up in a new CD thread by 6:00

can you guys post another pic of this peice of beauty