pic: 1458 teaser

=P not actually a teaser. We attached our electronics to a piece of wood (siding from our box, had to change it due to last year’s rule change) then duct taped that board to last years stripped chassis. This is a picture of it spinning, will probably use this stratagy to shoot our first teaser tho

hmm it is a teaser considering how fast we are spinning… or is it?

it looks like 80-20

he caught on…

only the most advanced teams duct tape their battery to their electrical board

yea we used zip ties…

We used magic.:eek:

thats funny because we program miricales

yea our miracle algorhythm is currently being tested

Nice teaser :stuck_out_tongue:

We used a dog coller to attach our battery last year. works really well, as long as you remember to clip it shut.

Last match of UC-Davis it came loose and sheared the button of our off-switch :eek:

it kinda reminds me about what’s happened to teaser pictures

Everyone else has some sort of cool design, so we thought we’d have a little fun :smiley:

Is this a teaser for a teaser? Really?

sorry krass but not all teams can have enough to tease about after first week. let alone have their bot done, you speedy punks

Lol metateaser.

The only thing this proves is that your camera needs a faster shutter speed.