pic: 148 Puncher

Here is a picture of Tumbleweed from Bayou. We think some people need to update their scouting data…

You should’ve used our shooter style mechanism facing upwards and see how high it goes:D ,

great improvement from a pure lap bot

dude… thats all i need to say… yall were already a great lap runner, but now have yet another talent to bring to the table. nice job guys!

Hey! I thought I had sold you in Waterloo on calling it a de-percher! :wink:

Don’t suppose you have any video of the new de-percher in action?

Very nice improvement. I think you now have became ‘the perfect lapbot’.

And yes, some people (of course, not me ;)) needed to update thier scouting data.

i do 95% of my scouting in my head… so its easy to change;)

but wait… 148, your operator now has something to do:p

but… i have a feeling that 148 will do great… again.

Awesome design… love it! Looking forward to seeing it in action!

Cool beans. Can it knock backwards? :wink:

One of my favorite bots at Bayou…very fast

Since its from Texas, I think it really should be called a cow poke! Hey, we are herding those durn things around, aren’t we?

Awsome! So is it a straight poker? We found a great way for knoking balls off on the run was to but a plate of plastic (~1/4") on top. It would bend back on the overpass bar, then explode into the ball knoking it off everytime, on the go. Although your bot maybe be toppled backwards with this design. Is it as light as it looks?

It’s light, but we’ve yet to be tipped while being pushed with it stuck on the overpass. The only problem is that the chassis never stays in one position. It will actually rotate, depending on how much drift the wheels make and how much the gyro has to correct. A drive-through slapper would require to be facing the overpass in a certain way, which we can’t do.

John I think the technical name is poker, in the words of Paul Copioli “Pokie pokie pokie!”

Interesting, never thought of it with that dynamic.