pic: 1482 LIFTS TWO

This is very impressive. Does this count as lifting all three robots?

No, it does not count as 3 because one is touching the ground…it is impossible engineering wise to do that now because of the rules. Looks good though, how much weight is on each side?

Doesn’t that use a lot of air?

Nothing is impossible. Many things are improbable. If you want to know how it is possible. Think about the ceiling…? Just a random thought that I thought worth posting. I am pretty sure there is some rule against this. But what if the a robot picked up the three opponents. It would make no strategic sense, but it would count as being possible.

Except for you the fact you are not allowed to react against field elements or ANYTHING outside the field… This includes the ceiling. Its in the manual.

Regardless, that is a sweet bot.


how much weight is on each site

Very impressive.:smiley:

EDIT: Do you plan to protect the outer rams? They look like if a robot tried to get on and hit one it be broken fairly easily.

why not just lift the other two ramps instead of lifting your own robot too…that’s going to requre alot of weight from the cylinders that you’re going to need to lift the robots, and alot of pressure will be required too

lifting just the platforms presents some problems

It does, but we at 2228 think we have it down.

Now its just the whole, getting it to work part…

Are you running your compressor during the lift? Or will it lift the two robots, and your own, on the air in four tanks alone?

we know that ours don’t count but we did it to avoid strengthining our drive system to hold 280 pounds. yes we are running our compressor we are protecting the rams and therei 140lbs on each wing we work on the kiss method yes we can lift off the floor if we dont desroy the carpet and it dose use a lot of air but it works