pic: 1493 Finished robot

Well, here she is, without covers of course. The bot is driven by 4 CIM motors chain driven to 6 wheel drive consisting of rubber pneumatic inner wheels, and AndyMark trick wheels on the front and back. The arm is able to manipulate, lift and score a tetra rather quickly. This bot will be tearing up the field at UTC and hopefully beyond.

Very nice bot. I couldn’t help but notice the mount for your camera. Have you tested your camera much and how well does it work?

Once again, very nice bot.

very cool. Does the arm steadily hold the tetra? One of our original brainstormed ideas was to be like that, but we thought that the tetra wouldn’t be stable on the arm… Anyway, very cool bot :]

Can you tetra see the yellow triangles in the goals? It seems kind of low, but cool mount you guys got there.

Awesome robot.

Is it a safe bet that you will be consistently capping the vision tetra in autonomous?


sorry it took me so long to get to these questions. first off, thank you for all of the compliments. Our team worked very hard on this project for 5 short weeks… not 6 (due to school starting late)

The camera works very well at its present position. It is just high enough to track the targets, both tetras, and goals.

It is too early to say whether the bot will consistently pick up and cap goals, so I will not go that far, but I would be willing to say that we will more than likely do it on occasion at UTC.

About the arm. The arm is very stable, though we had some issues in the beginning with the amount of torque the tetra was putting on the van door motor lifting the arm. This was solved by placing 2 gas springs on the frame to put the arm near equilibrium when the arm is holding a tetra parallel to the ground.

Oh yeah, the mount for the camera is a rapid prototyped model that pivots on 2 axis using servos. We should be making a shielding devise at competition if weight allows.

We appreciate the feedback. See you at competition

Talking more with the team who worked on the camera and vision part, they tell me that they got it to work on a very consistent basis and before ship they were basically complete on the autonomous mode. they say 98% finished with minor tweaking for speed and things like that. So expect our team to be definitely using autonomous mode. We should get some more pics of the robot soon as well.

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lol, i’m gonna use that quote some time. Thanks bud.

How is your center of gravity?

Why did you decide to make the rotation for the grabber separate from the rotation of the arm at its joint?

Our wrist movement helps greatly with tetra capping as well as great manipulation with our grabber design. Also you have more control over the tetra itself, no need to completely move the arm unnecessarily.

Also the center of gravity is somewhat low to midrange and in the back away from the tetra so there’s more stability while you have a tetra.