pic: 1493 logomotion

Team 1493 Logomotion bot- Albany High School- Albany NY

When Creating the initial design, were you guys not concerned about tipping with such a small footprint and an elevator that reaches pretty high? Just wonder how stable it is.

This looks incredibly similar to the initial 2175 concept

The small footprint/tall elevator concern was the primary reason they changed over to a rectangular slide drive configuration instead so I am quite curious how this design worked out for you as well.

Or this.


is that a lead screw on those fingers? We did something VERY similar but used a pneumatic cylinder to articulate. How fast is the motion?

I also would be quite afraid of not having a big enough footprint… any Videos we could see?

The shape has nothing to do with what I am talking about. There is a large elevator on this robot that Tumbleweed obviously didn’t.

Yes. I’m just stating that the chassis was almost identical to 148s in 2008. The elevator is not what I was focusing on.

It is missing the critical 9th side. Octagon? That’ll never work.

We were concerned with it tipping but with bumpers around the low base we figured it was not much of an issue. We never really had any issue with tipping as most of the time that we raised to the high level we were in our own zone and not having to worry much about being run into…

Yeah our jaws almost dropped to the floor when we saw how your design was almost identical to ours when someone on your team posted it on CD. There was no real reason we decided on the octagon frame except that we thought it would look cool.

The footprint was less of an issue than I initially expected, and everything fits into the octagon fairly well. Three of our matches are on TBA, and this one shows off our robot fairly well: http://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2011nh_qm77 .

As my team mate said, tipping wasn’t a huge issue, although you can see the elevator could get a bit wobbly at times.

The gripper is on a lead screw, and is actually pretty fast now. We used a banebots motor attached to a tetrix gearbox to drive in and out the lead screw, and it was pretty zippy.