pic: 1501 introduces Taranis

This is Team 1501’s, 2011 robot. Taranis is BAE’s UAV flight project.

Love the name. Love the robot. Really wish you guys the best of luck yet again!

Wow. You guys have outdone yourselves once again.

Any specs?

Cool robot – It’s a shame we couldn’t go to the Muncie Scrimmage to see you guys perform.

Speed: 10 fps
Drive: 6 wheel
Center traction
Dualie omnies
Weight: pushin it…

The best feature is definately the controls though

You’ll have to elaborate more than that. :slight_smile:

A beautiful machine once again.

You’ll have to elaborate more than that

Our programmers really did it this year. On the drivers console we have 9 buttons that correspond to the 9 pegs. When you hit one of these buttons the lift is programmed to go to the right height and the arm to the correct angle to place the tubes. We also have a feeder settng.

Looks awesome! I can’t wait for BMR to see it in action!
Will you guys skip out on the minibot? I don’t see a spot where you could deploy it.

If I was to guess, minibot deployment is hidden behind–or should I say, inside–that nice black riveted tower. I think I see a couple actuation devices for a deployment system at the bottom left, unless those are gauges of some form.

Just another classy-looking machine from 1501.

Theyre just pneumatic gauges, but theres plenty of room for deployment back there, you’ll just have to wait to see what we come up with… (but so do we…)

looks great! can’t wait to see you at boilermaker!