pic: 1501's shiney bot

Bot so shiney you gotta wear shades

Wow, that’s one sexy looking BOT (Team 1501)!

Who put the “Bling!” tag on this???lol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Our robot (on the left) ended up looking pretty snazzy, but I think 1501 has us beat in the looks department. We seemed to get aligned with them suspiciously often (different thread) but no one on our team was complaining. A very effective auto mode to go along with that shiny frame.

one great bot! had my attention from day one…definitely better than ours in looks department, since we never really thought of a design to cover up our bot

It was a great time though, hope we can do it again at IRI or something. I really like your team. Everyone is always smiling, happy, and I love talking with Joe Taylor, he seems like a positive role model on your team. Good coach and mentor for your team! Just please, STOP WINNING THOSE WEBSITE AWARDS?? Ok? Pretty please? Give us other teams a tiny chance? :wink: Just kidding…

The thing I can’t get enough of is that amazingly organized electrical panel… :ahh:

There is a price to pay for that panel…

pretty = weight

boy did we really shoot that in the foot with that panel this year. I thought our mechanical team was going to hang us…

I am a controls engineer, and I thought it would be a good idea to show the students how industrial panels are built…now, I am not so sure because of the weight…but I am glad you liked it. I hoped I passed off some knowledge to the electrical team, they wired and built it all by themselves. I am so proud of them. It’s complete with NFPA 79, NEC 2002 rules and regulations, as well as a full set of documented electrical drawing package, designed in AutoCad Electrical 2004. It’s even got pretty wire labels too…

:yikes: :ahh: Hey thats what i worked on all season :D. Thank You!!!

But… Bad news is we were having a little battle between Sidewinder 2 (our 2005 bot) and Scorpion and well the panel must have got bumped around too much because the bolts that were holding it in and that had lock tite on them came undone and the whole panel came flying off… I about pulled my hair out and hit my head on the wall when it happened… Its fixed now though and after i get more time to work on it it will never come off again :smiley: