pic: 1503 front roller


A picture I took on the morning of ship of our collection system. This picture was taken with a Nikon D40. It’s funny to see a perfect front roller, as we replaced or repaired several over the course of the season, like many other teams.

Great picture. I’m curious what kind of material you are using for the conveyor?

It appeared to be a one sided rubbery stretch band that you might find on clothing (underwear come to mind :P). Anyway, on Archimedes is worked like epic win. Very well built system.

Why don’t you guys run a guard over it to stop it from getting hit?

I believe it is in fact elastic waistband material. At least, that’s what I remember from FLR.

That’s really neat. We used pool noodles but the dang things couldn’t be locked in place without being torn apart. Your solution looks a lot better.

Just gotta say, 1503, along with 148 and 1114, had one of the cleanest machines out on the field this year. Really well aesthetically and mechanically designed.

Agreed, but 1114 was my all time fav. for this year. I don’t what about it, maybe the way the moon rocks lined up or the fire power. But that bot was very well aesthetically and mechanically designed, not to mention it loved to eat moonrocks :ahh:

Tyler and Jeff are correct; it’s elastic waistband material. It wasn’t the easiest stuff to work with, and we had to reinforce it with fishing line to keep the bands tight, but at least it was inexpensive.

We added a steel tube over top and slightly in front of the roller, sometime during the season (I think it was at GTR). It definitely helped, although there was one match on Archimedes where we took such a hard hit in autonomous that both tubes bent, and the roller being out of round caused it to get jammed against the guard as it spun, putting the entire system out of commission.

Thanks. Aesthetics was one of the things we were aiming for from the beginning, and we’re very proud of how it turned out.