pic: 1503 Spartonics 2012 Robot -

Team 1503 proudly presents it’s entry to the 2012 FRC Rebound Rumble Game, “Spartillery.” Our theme this year is “200 Years Of Coopertition” which is a nice twist on this year being the 200th anniversary of the War Of 1812, but most importantly the longest standing peace agreement between an unprotected border.


  • 117 LBS
  • 35" tall
  • 4 CIM, 8 wheel drive on 8" Pneumatic wheels, geared at 9.25 FPS
  • 4 RS550 polycord collector through custom gearboxes utilzing FP gears
  • 2 FP motor double-double wheel shooter reduced through old school AM planetaries
  • 2 window motor “snowplow” for a wider collection area and bridge manipulation
  • Pneumatic-powered “gate” to stop balls from reaching shooter, but only allowing to shoot one at a time
  • Camera-assisted aiming, though camera is off the robot at this time

Spartillery will compete at the Pittsburgh and Waterloo regionals this year.

Nice robot, Nick! Cant wait to compete with you in Pittsburgh.
See ya there

Awesome robot 1503 is impressive as usual.

Good luck this year.

Looking great! :slight_smile: See you in Toronto! :smiley:

We actually won’t be competing at either of the Toronto regionals this year.

We might come spectate though.


NO!!! lol well i guess we will see you in St. Louis then :wink: (we are already signed up, you just gotta get there) What regionals are you going to this year??

Pittsburgh and Waterloo.


I wish those green bumpers were legal, they look so good.

Robot’s looking great though, let’s see if it can live up to the legend that was the 2011 machine.

Have fun getting this tank through the border.

Danggg that looks sweet, especially with the green bumpers. Question: Is your 8 wheel drive dropped, or is your bridge manipulator lifting the entire front of your robot up; in the picture your front 4 wheels are sorta off the ground…

P.S. Also, you may want to re-evaluate your front bumper numbers…

Great theme and from top to bottom, an amazing bot once again! Unfortunately we won’t get to see you all at any of the regionals this year, but hopefully we can come down to Waterloo to watch you guys!

Looking great as usual.

Why did you decide to go with such a low gearing considering your success at high speed last year and your driver being the same?

Good luck in 2012. I look forward to watching some entertaining 1503 matches this year.

Theorizing here:

Last year was a very open field, lots of travel from one end to the other. This year is basically a pair of 27x27 fields. You also want to make lots of very precise moves (they have no turret). There are numerous reasons to be geared slower this year.

You are also making a very dangerous assumption that the driver is the same.

ahh :stuck_out_tongue: we are going to Tennessee, Toronto West, Cincinnati, and Champs :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Is there any videos?

Well I assumed based on nicks profile still saying driver, like last year. But I know what happens when I assume…

They have tanks in Canada?! I thought the phrase “Canadian Military” was an oxymoron :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job guys, another excellent robot.

DANG. That’s a pretty robot. Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing it unless we make our way to St. Louis. Good luck!

Floor pick up? Weird.


If there was any team that I thought might not do a floor pickup this year it was going to be 1503 ;). Nice looking bot there.

For the record, the green bumpers are our demo/practice set.

Our competition bumpers are legal.