pic: 1510 teaser, fresh from the CNC. 2009


You guys CNCed out a calculator? That’s quite impressive!

I’m guessing that the calculator is telling us the material. Unfortunately…

It’s a TI-84+ Silver. That means that the metal is…

a) titanium (Ti on the periodic table)
b) silver (expensive)
c) whatever element has the number 84
d) some alloy with any or all of the above
e) none of the above.

I would also guess that the Pepsi crate is significant; Pepsi makes Mountain Dew.

My guess is the calculator is a reference to size, telling us how big stuff is.

Very nice parts, i wonder what they are for.

So, FIRST can name a field after someone who named polonium (Madame Curie) but they won’t let us use it on our robots? Lame! :rolleyes:

Relevant to the topic, what are the insets cut into the rectangularish tabs? They don’t particularly look like lightening holes, and I can’t see another use for them.


It’s a code! Look at them as letters: CCIII. That’s the Roman Numeral for 203. Now every good C coder knows what ‘==’ means (relational comparison), and the small dots are obviously ellipses …

Okay, I got nothin’


ya, i was thinking of increasing the mass with some depleated Uranium!!![/quote]

Whats going on here? whats this all mean? Is it a code of some kind? lol

gasp Molds question mark question mark

Or are those cutouts just decorative? Maybe a label for an orientation-critical part?

Pretty sure polonium is also kind of hard to get without a license.