pic: 1511 Drive Team 2008

Snapped at the Philly Regional. Photo courtesy of opshot.com

From Left to Right:

Theo Matt: Arm Control
Shauna Richards: Robocoach
Graeme Buckley: Driver
Josh Goodman: Coach

Is that a fisheye lens or does that camo bend light around your drive team?:smiley:

That’s our drive team * clap * * clap * * clapclapclap *

The light definitely is bending around us. It can’t handle our awesomeness.

Probably a 28mm lens. A fisheye would be WAYYY more distorted.

Ah! There’s that camo!
Shelley and Cynette gave me a bandana to wear while at OKC. I had it in my back pocket.

Looking good guys!

Hey thats me! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah i like the lens…whatever it is

Nice Vest Theo, is that a tether cable on it?

Yep. It was quite useful. Especially practice match + pneumatics.

You guys were pretty cool in Philly. Great matches in the Quarters. See you in Atlanta?

Thank you… and yes it is lol

Thanks!! … and yes! We will see you in Atlanta!

sweet imagery

You guys always seem to blend together with all the camo.

Def not fisheye, you would have like black in the corners unless the photo was cropped… great picture… Just the right amount to make it look like your jumping out of the picture… Thats a pretty nice lens…

I miss you guysss! (And wearing red camo!)

Yeah, It was great to see you at FLR though!