pic: 1511 Drivetrain & Orbit Balls

Our drivetrain came back from getting powdercoated this week, and this is a photo just after we put it back together, with two of our new camo orbit balls!!

Are you supporting the end of the shafts on those P-80’s? If so did you get the long shaft? We could only find the regular length.

whats the point of powdercoating the kit frame?

although the cool-factor alomost outweighs the time delay…

nice work:cool:

Close inspection of the photo indicates that this is not the C-Base from the kit. I’d be interested in knowing more about it, though! :slight_smile:

I noticed the end caps, but what is the rest made out of:confused:

could it be an old IFI frame?

Appears to be the 2005-2007 IFI kit bot.

I see those AM corner extrusions at the back of the bot. I think its the C-Base with different bracing at the front.

Gosh darn, somebody went and bolted on some ugly bumper mounts after you got your powercoating done. :eek:

Looks like class!

That looks awesome. The frame goes nicely with the camo balls.

10 inch wheel base? … wow. Looking forward to seeing how maneuverable you are at FLR.

Yeah looks like a nice set up. Did you change the gear ratios at all?

or just standard? looks like itll do the job though

Looks nice. However, only two cims for this years game.

What rule is this? The kit only came with two cims, but up to four can be used. One just has to purchase the other two.

I like it.

I’ve got a question, and it’s about bumpers - so you can all groan now if you want.

How can you leagally protect the rear corners of this frame with BUMPERS that satisfy all of the rules?

As far as I understand (and no, I don’t have my BUMPER RULE DEGREE from FIRST yet), you can’t have the bumper extend past the end of the back rail, but you need to protect the corner on both sides. The side bumper can’t extend past the end of the side rail, so that leaves a 1.125 inch length that is not protected. (Having a pool noodle extend past the edge of the plywood doesn’t count.)

I think this problem was brought up somewhere before.

Any answers?

-Mr. Van

Yeap your right. To many hours this weekend

Sorry didnt get back to this thread until now :slight_smile:

Yes it is the C channel from the Kit bot, but nearly all the bracing is custom bracketry. We wanted a smaller channel for the wheels than the little joint pieces allowed, so we came up with our own. We also decided that we wanted the wheels as close together as we could get them without compromising our CG.

We are using the 12:1 banebots transmissions and encoders as we have had a lot of success with them in the past, and the programmers like and know how to use the encoders. We also could not get the long shaft transmissions in time, so we actually went with the Regular shaft, and our mechanical engineers helped with the calculation and design to build a bearing block into the C Channel that supports enough of the weight that we dont need to support on the other side of the wheel (trust me, I didnt believe that you could canteliever it and be successful, but we drove it around all weekend fully weighted and its working beautifully). I think part of it has to do that there isnt a lot of torque on these transmissions, and they explained a whole bunch of other math that I forget now :slight_smile:

Even with the 4 motors, we were able to get this thing down to 41lbs including the bumper mounts, and that was a big step for us!! (Last year it was close to 60).

As for bumpers, I dont think I have a drawing, but the back corners we are allowing the pool noodles from the back brace to extend 3.5", and I think the ones from the side brace extend out 2.14". This was the best that we could come up with with the rules, and after 5 of us talked about it for nearly 2 hours, I believe this is a completely legal configuration.
I will post a photo/image if I can soon.

The GDC has said in this Q&A that you can’t have the backing (the part that defines the bumper) longer than the robot’s maximum horizontal dimension, but to satisfy the requirements, you can have the soft portion extend beyond the backing.

I love the simplicity.

Wait till you see the rest of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a feeling this is gonna be a very light robot. lawl. :rolleyes: